The skin renews itself every 30 days. Guinot was the first to create skincare products containing the 56 active biological ingredients fundamental to cellular life. Guinot’s laboratories have optimized these latest techniques to enhance a visible youthfulness of the skin
European ...
This is our hydrating deep pore cleansing facial. This treatment includes basic cleansing, exfoliation, steam extractions. Our aesthetician will personalize your skin type from Guinot’s vitalizing, firming, dry skin and sensitive skin masks. Finish with our signature stone facial massage.
55 min.
Acneic ...
This treatment is especially designed to treat inflamed, irritated, acne skin types. This procedure includes a detoxifying masque, protective and corrective PH soothing therapies.
55 min.
Aromatic ...
Healing energy from the heart of the plant, relaxing the body and mind. This unique facial combines the benefits of essential oils, plant concentrates and massage to hydrate, balance and energize skin. Your face and well-being are in the caring hands of our aesthetician, who will end the treatment with an aromatic mask and a hot stone facial massage.
55 min.
Anti-Aging ...
Liftosome Rejuvenating-Lifting treatment. This anti-aging facial helps to tighten facial fibers to restore elasticity, tone and texture. Liftosome restores firmness to skin by increasing the production of elastin and collagen fibers while reducing their deterioration through the action of Pro-Collagen.
55 min.